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    Precision is key. Gain greater control of robot movements with a 100° rotation servo motor.

    Servo motor gives you greater control of motion. This servo is made to mate perfectly with the shafts of the Vex Robotics System.

    Technical Info
    Rotation100 degrees
    Stall Torque 6.5 in-lbs
    PWM Pulse Width 1-2ms
    Mix/Max Voltage 4.4V - 15V(Servo life will be reduced operating outside the VEX Controller range of 5.5V - 9.0V)
    Weight0.11 lbs.
    WiringBlack - ground; Orange - (+) power; White - PWM Control signal
    Current Draw 20mA to 1.5A per servo
    List of Contents
    1VEX Servo Motor
    1VEX Servo Motor Gear Set (4 total gears, 1 replacement for each gear inside)
    26-32 x 1/4in. Screws
    26-32 x 1/2in. Screws
    1Clutch Post
    1Inventor's Guide Insert


    Inventor's Guide Insert

    STEP file