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    With the Quadrature Encoder's two output channels you can measure both the position and direction of rotation of a VEX shaft. This will allow you to calculate the speed of the shaft, as well as the distance it has traveled; these are very useful measurements for autonomous programming. A Programming Kit is needed to change the program in the VEX Controller to use the Quadrature Encoder.

    The optical shaft encoder is used to measure both relative position of and rotational distance traveled by a shaft. It works by shining light onto the edge of a disk outfitted with evenly spaced slits around the circumference. As the disk spins, light passes through the slits and is blocked by the opaque spaces between the slits. The encoder then detects how many slits have had light shine through, and in which direction the disk is spinning.

    The optical shaft encoder can be used to track distance traveled, direction of motion, or position of any rotary component, such as a gripper arm.

    Technical Info
    Sensor TypeInfrared light sensor and infrared LED
    ResolutionCortex Resolution: 360 ticks per revolution
    PIC Resolution: 90 ticks per revolution with easyC and easyC PRO
    360 ticks per revolution, incrementing by 2 with ROBOTC
    Weight0.078 lbs. per sensor
    Shaft Size1/8 inch square
    WiringBlack: ground
    Red: +5V
    White: control signal
    List of Contents
    2Optical Shaft Quadrature Encoder


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