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    The VEXnet System Bundle contains everything you need to get started controlling a VEX robot using the VEX Cortex Micro Controller.

    Bundle Contents:
    (1) VEX Cortex Microcontroller
    (1) VEXnet Joystick
    (2) VEXnet USB Adapter Keys
    (1) VEXnet Backup Battery Holder
    (1) USB A-A Cable

    The VEX Cortex Micro Controller coordinates the flow of all information and power on the robot. It has built in bi-directional communication for wireless driving, debugging and downloading using the state of the art VEXnet 802.11 wireless link. The Microcontroller is the brain of every VEX robot.

    Cortex Micro Controller Features
    Built-in VEXnet Technology: Wireless driving, wireless debugging, and wireless downloading
    Motor Ports: (8) standard 3-wire Motor or Servo ports. (2) 2-wire Motor ports
    I2C Smart Sensor Port: Will connect to multiple new smart sensors in the future
    UART Fast Serial Ports: Connects to the VEX LCD Display (19,200 baud) and will have future support to 1.125 Mbaud
    Digital/Analog Input Ports: (8) high-res Analog Inputs, (12) fast Digital I/Os that can all be used as interrupts
    Rx1 and Rx2 Ports: Also support for two 75MHz crystal transmitters and receivers
    Battery Ports: Connect 7.2V power sources, such as the Battery Holder or the VEX 7.2V Robot Battery. Also connect a 9V Backup Battery to protect against communication losses.

    Cortex Micro Controller Specs
    Battery In Voltage7.2 volts nominal, 5-12V min/max
    TypeSix AA batteries or 7.2V Pack
    Current62 mA for Controller and REceiver plus Motors, Servos, and VEXnet
    I/O Ports 3-wire Motor Outputs (8)
    UsageFor 3-wire VEX motors or servos
    TypeHobby standard PWM
    RefreshEvery 18.5 mSec
    2-wire Motor Outputs
    UsageFor 2-wire VEX motors
    RefreshEvery 1 mSec
    I2C "Smart Sensor" Port
    UsageFuture I2C products
    UART Serial Ports (2)
    UsageVEX LCD Module
    12-bit Analog Inputs (8)
    Analog In 12-bit resolution. 10uSec access time.
    Fast Digital I/O (can be used as interrupts) (12)
    Digital In 50 KHz input frequency
    DAC Speaker Output
    UsageOutput sound, voice, music to an external speaker
    Rx1 and Rx2 (2)
    UsageConnects to (2) 75MHz receivers
    Micro Controller STMicroelectronics ARM Cortex-M3
    Speed90 MIPS (million instructions per second)
    Flash384KB program space
    ProgrammingeasyC V4 for Cortex
    ROBOTC for Cortex and PIC
    Note: The only version of ROBOTC for Cortex & PIC approved for use with the Cortex is 2.20.1 BETA. Using previous versions may permanently damage the Cortex Microcontroller.
    Size3.9 x 4.5 x 1in.
    Weight.302 lbs (137g)

    The VEXnet Joystick allows a human operator to control a robot in real-time using the innovative VEXnet 802.11 Wireless link. The joystick has two 2-axis analog joysticks, 4 trigger buttons and two 4-button directional pads. It also has a 3-Axis Accelerometer that provides X-Y tilt outputs, X-Y-Z acceleration and a shake output. This allows you to control an arm or drive system by changing the orientation of the joystick (tilting, turning or shaking). Just plug a VEXnet USB Adapter Key into the port on the back and enjoy the ultimate in robot control.

    VEXnet Joystick Features
    Wireless robot control using VEXnet technology.
    Only compatible with the VEX Cortex Microcontroller.
    Link (2) joysticks together with (1) VEXnet USB Adapter Key.
    When using multiple drivers to control a single robot, they must both be using the same type of transmitter -- the VEXnet Joystick and the 75MHz transmitter cannot be mixed.

    VEXnet Joystick Specs
    User Inputs (2) X-Y Analog Joysticks
    (8) Top Buttons
    (4) Back Buttons
    (1) 3-Axis Accelerometer
    Ports (1) Competition Port
    (1) Partner Port (for connection to another VEXnet Joystick)
    (1) Program Port (for wireless programming with the VEX Cortex Micro Controller)
    Batteries6 AAA (not included)
    Size5.5 x 4.3 x 2.2in.


    Cortex Micro Controller and Joystick Quick Start