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    Tank treads distribute a vehicle's weight more evenly than wheels, allowing a robot to maneuver in loose sand, or on spongy surfaces which would otherwise cause the robot to sink. Treads will also keep the robot from high-centering; this will allow a robot to climb over obstacles, or move over rough terrain. The VEXplorer Tank Tread Kit will allow you to take your VEXplorer to places it could never go before.

    Dramatically increase design flexibility
    Transverse rough terrain
    Drive through sandy or soft, spongy surfaces
    Increase traction
    Every section is a master link

    Vex RoboticsTechnical Information
    Length2 preassembled chains of 56 links each
    Master Links112 total, each link is a Master link (change length by adding or removing links)
    Tread Width1.5 inches
    Tread Drive Diameter2.375 inches (approx)
    MaterialDelrin plastic
    Center Hole size0.182 in. square

    List of Contents -- QuantityDescription
    2Preassembled chains of 56 links each
    4Tank Tread Drive Wheels
    2Tank Tread Idler Wheels
    48-32 x 1" Tank Tread Idler Wheels Screws
    4Keps Nut



    STEP files for each component