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    Kit 1A adds one Cylinder (Air Push, Spring Return) to Kit 1 or Kit 2. Cannot be used without Kit 1 or Kit 2.

    Uses one VEX Controller I/O port per air cylinder
    Reservoir is filled using a standard tie pump fitting
    Single Acting cylinder kit (air push, spring return)

    Technical Info
    System Pressure 689 kN/m² (100 psi)
    Cylinder Bore 10mm (0.394in.)
    Cylinder Stroke 50mm (1.987in.)
    Maximum Force 54 N (12 lb. force)
    Cylinder Strokes 45 Strokes from 100 psi to 25 psi
    Valve Control Connects to one VEX Controller I/O Port
    Tank Volume 150 mL (9.153 in.)
    Cylinder Length Sgl.- Compressed - 5.5 in. / Extended - 7.5 in.
    Dbl.- Compressed - 6.125 in. / Extended - 8.25 in.
    Reservoir Weight 0.68 lbs.
    Kit Contents
    1Solenoid Driver - Cable w/Driver, Connects one VEX I/O Port to one Solenoid
    1"T" Fitting - "T" Fitting for Valves
    1Cylinder, Air Push, Spring Return - Single Acting Spring Return Cylinder 10mm Bore
    1Solenoid, On/Off - 3/2 Solenoid Valve, 5VDC
    2Fitting for Valves - Fitting 4mm Tubing x M3 Thread
    1Fitting for Cylinders - M5 Male Connector for Cylinders
    1Tubing - 4mm X 1696mm Length Tubing
    2Cylinder Rod Pivot - Pivot for the Cylinder Rod