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    An ultra-secure method of connecting two sets of PowerPoles to each other, ensuring they won't come apart in a high-vibration/high impact environment.

    Fits all 15, 30 and 45 Amp PowerPole connectors.

    One clamp is all you need to connect 2 sets (4 individual) PowerPoles.



    Overall Customer Rating of 2 Reviews:

    Holds Connectors Well

    These clamps hold PowerPoles so well that you won't have to worry about them becoming disconnected. I use them all over my Sample Return Robot Challenge robot.

    This one works pretty much the same as the power pole retention clip but more "heavy duty". This looks and holds more secure than the power pole retention clip because it's clamping from 2 ends together. The Retention clips work perfectly fine and does the job but this one is just more an added insurance and looks "meaner" (my opinion) and again, more secure. This cost more per piece compare to the retention ones but it's more secure and looks more "beefier" :D This gives me a "peace of mind" when running my RC8Te on bumpy surface or pretty much any surface and still don't need to worry about the connectors being disconnected suddenly. Although I must say and I believe that the power pole connectors are pretty good that they won't disconnect that easily. But for me I just like the peace of mind that my connectors are securely in place.