Kitbots 1000 RPM Gearmotor
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  • Kitbots 1000 RPM Gearmotor
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    These gearmotors are used in the Kitbots Weta Kits. Team Rolling Thunder has put together an instructional page detailing modifications for more reliable motor use in combat robotics. Mounting can be accomplished using the Kitbots Mounting Plates designed for this motor.

    Nominal voltage: 12V
    Measured RPM at nominal voltage: 930 RPM
    Max recommended voltage: 12V
    Rated torque:
    No-load rated current: 0.9A
    Weight: approx 3.0oz
    Shaft: 4mm

    Note: It is recommended that you use a a 1uF 200v capacitor across the terminals if you use this motor with a FingerTech TinyESC.




    Dimensional Drawing

    Battle Hardening Instructions