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Plain Handle Grip
Price: $7.99
Availability: Available
Item #: GTH-000 -

This rubber handlebar-style grip matches our twist-grip throttle perfectly. Fits 22mm tube. 4QD-GTH-000

Twist-Grip Throttle
Price: $89.99
Availability: Available
Item #: GTH-103 -

Twist-grip throttle with: - Spring return to zero. - Suitable for all controllers made by 4QD. - 90° twist gives zero to full speed (0-100% of pot travel). - 5K pot. - Integral tube clamp for 22mm diameter tube. - Cable supplied is 1.8m long, 3 core 16/0.2mm [please note this is too thick to reliably connect with the IDC connectors used on our controllers, so a CONI connector is recommended to join it to the 7/0.2mm required]. Note the manufacturers of this throttle (Magura) make at least six...