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Hob-E-Lube Workbench Assortment (7-pack lubricants)
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Price: $17.99
Availability: Discontinued
Item #: WOOHL650 -

This is a Complete Line of Hob-E-Lube Lubricants from Woodland Scenics.It's a 7-Pak Workbench Assortment of Precision Craft Lubricants for Craftsmen.Hob-E-Lube, by Woodland Scenics, is a complete, special-purpose line oflubricants precision designed for tough, close-tolerance model requirements.All Hob-E-Lube lubricants have been thoroughly researched for use with trains,R/C cars, planes, and boats and are plastic and paint compatible. This super-saver 7-Pak Workbench Assortment includes all...