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Hangar 9 35% Extra 300 ARF
Retail: $1,759.99
Price: $1,099.99
Availability: Available
Hangar 9 Item #: HAN1055 -

Hangar 9 is proud to introduce the next giant-scale gem, the Extra 300 35%. In this next generation Extra, the Extra 300 boasts a re-engineered structure, consisting of lightweight balsa and plywood with a carbon fiber wing tube and double spar wing design, for better performance and durability. Featuring a built-in tuned pipe and canister tunnel for a variety of exhaust options, and a mount to simply bolt on a DA-100 or DA-120cc engine, the Extra 300 35% is easily assembled for less...

Hangar 9 Beast 100cc ARF
Retail: $1,649.99
Price: $1,249.99
Availability: Available
Hangar 9 Item #: HAN1050 -

What do you get when one of RC’s greatest 3D pilots collaborates with one of full-scale aviation’s greatest aircraft designers? The Beast™ - a giant-scale biplane with monoplane-like flight characteristics that blurs the line between 3D and precision aerobatic performance, and more than lives up to its name. The full-scale Beast is the brainchild of renowned aircraft restoration expert, Kevin Kimball, who actually collaborated with 3D champ and Hangar 9 product developer...

Hangar 9 Piper J-3 Cub 40 ARF
Retail: $344.99
Price: $299.99
Availability: Available
Hangar 9 Item #: HAN4000 -

The Piper J-3 Cub was the most popular commercial aircraft of the 1930's.  Barely seven yards long and instantly recognizable in its yellow-and-black paint scheme, this nostalgic favorite became the foremost trainer of the era, eventually training 80% of the United States' military pilots by the end of World War II.  A new Cub was rolling of the assembly line nearly every 20 minutes, and many of these beloved airplanes are still around today.  Hangar 9's new .40-size Piper J-3...

Hangar 9 Piper Pawnee 40 ARF
Retail: $439.99
Price: $379.99
Availability: Available
Hangar 9 Item #: HAN4030 -

The Piper Pawnee was designed and built for agricultural spraying and crop dusting. The wings were cranked to get the spray bars running along the trailing edge as close to the crops as possible. The pilot was given an excellent view from a cockpit placed high on the fuselage of the low-wing monoplane. The fuselage was designed to protect the pilot, with the cockpit being designed as a strong capsule that would remain undamaged even in slow-speed crashes associated with spraying. The...

Hangar 9 Pulse XT 40 ARF
Retail: $274.99
Price: $219.99
Availability: Available
Hangar 9 Item #: HAN4100 -

Key Features • Glow or electric power option built into a classic design • New improved bolt together assembly • Mike McConville design • Latest design and construction techniques • Quality materials and genuine UltraCote covering • Great sport flying characteristics • Fly using either glow or electric power, no electric conversion is necessary Overview Have it your way with Hangar 9®. Whether you’re into glow fuel or...

Hangar 9 Sukhoi SU-26MM 3.1m ARF
Retail: $2,649.99
Price: $1,899.99
Availability: Available
Hangar 9 Item #: HAN1060 -

Hangar 9 is proud to introduce the Sukhoi SU-26MM 3.1m ARF: the first world-class competitive Sukhoi model. The Sukhoi SU-26MM 3.1m is a Pro-Class giant scale aerobatic model designed for IMAC competition and 3D pilots with class-leading performance. This new contest-proven precision and 3D aerobatic aircraft is the latest edition to the Hangar 9 product line. Designed by world-class competition pilot and designer Mike McConville, this Sukhoi SU-26MM 3.1m is constructed from durable,...

Hangar 9 Twist 40 ARF V2
Retail: $219.99
Price: $189.99
Availability: Available
Hangar 9 Item #: HAN2660 -

From hovers to harriers, knife-edge loops to flat spins, the Hangar 9® Twist 40™ ARF is the thoroughly capable sport 3D plane that’s always up for a good time. It comes out of the box with a great-looking UltraCote® trim scheme and can be assembled quickly thanks to its super-simple construction. Whether you’re looking for your first 3D plane or your tenth, the Twist 40 has everything you want and more. Features Removable wing provides easy transport and...