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Warhammer Skaven Clanrats
Price: $29.99
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Item #: 90-06 -

You get enough plastic parts to assemble twenty (20) Clan Rats. Multi-part clan rats released in 2009.0-90-06

Warhammer Ogres
Price: $32.99
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Item #: 95-06 -

Big, brutish and extremely hard violent, an Ogre stands over ten feet tall in height and is almost half as wide at the gut. His massively powerful body is crowned by a snarling, bestial head, with very little in the way of a neck to divide the two. His powerful arms are as thick as a man's chest, and are capable of smashing through the walls of a house. A typical big Ogre will arm himself with a huge crude club or an ironfist - essentially a spiked gauntlet - with which to smash his foes...