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FiveBOT FB004 Two-Wheeled Robotic Platform
Retail: $1,500.00
Price: $999.99
Availability: Available
Item #: FB004 -

The FiveBot FB004 Two-Wheeled Robotic Platform is designed for use by researchers and students. This versatile Arduino-based and Mini-ITX compatible platform is ideal for use as a remote robot to monitor a facility or transport materials. The FB004 Two-Wheeled Robotic Platform's two wheels are driven by two differentially steered DC motors, allowing rotation and movement in any direction. Three infrared rangefinders allow the FB004 to track and chase objects, follow walls, and avoid obstacles....

FiveBOT FB003 Three Omni-Wheel Robotic Platform
Retail: $2,500.00
Price: $1,699.99
Availability: Available
Item #: FB003 -

The FiveBOT FB003 Three Omni-wheel robotic platform has vast advantages over a conventional design in terms of mobility in congested environments. It is capable of easily performing tasks in environments filled with static and dynamic obstacles and narrow aisles. The FB003 is designed for researchers and students. It is well suited for surveillance and transportation. The FB003 Omni-Wheel robotic platform comes with 3 Omni-directional wheels driven by 3 DC motors, allowing rotation and...

FiveBOT FB002 Mecanum 4WD Robotic Platform
Retail: $3,500.00
Price: $2,299.99
Availability: Available
Item #: FB002 -

The FiveBOT FB002 4WD Mecanum Wheel Robotic Platform is designed for robotic research and development. The FB002 can be used as a transporter, a remote monitoring device anda Navigation/Patrol robot. The Mecanum Wheels allow it to move in any direction. The FB002 Platform has a maximum load capacity of 20kg, so you can add your own stuff on top like a camera, robotic arm, or small child.NOTE: Assembly is required. You'll need a Phillips head screwdriver. Chassis Details:Length: 380mmWidth:...