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Sixpack MT 2.8 Truck 2WD Mntd Re C2 Blk (2)
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DuraTrax Item #: DTXC3520 -

This is a pair of Duratrax Sixpack MT C2 Tires and Wheels for the rear of the EP Stampede 2WD, EP Rustler 2WD and EP Monster Jam 2WD.FEATURESC2 (soft) compound is comparible to Pro-Line M3 and AKA soft ratingsIdeal for loose to hard packed conditonsColor-coded sidewall marking make it easy to identify eachtread pattern at a glanceOne piece foam insertsINCLUDESTwo each, Sixpack MT C2 Tires, Foam Inserts and Black Wheels_SPECIFICATIONSWheels: 2.8" 12mm Hex0-DTXC3520 ...

Skid Plate Center Alum Silver E/T-Maxx
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